--Nordic Chiropractic was given an award from the Downtown Decorah Betterment Association for improving the interior of a downtown building, to see a picture of all recipients and to read the article click here:  


--Watch Dr. Laurie's interview with Dr. Gehling on decorahnews.com that was aired in December.


--A quick video made by Life University about chiropractic, click here to watch.


Check out these articles and videos about chiropractic!

-Dr. Patrick Gentempo explaining chiropractic on the news!  If the scans used in this video look familiar to you, it's because they are the same scans that Dr. Laurie uses.  


-Check out this news segment to learn more about babies and chiropractic care.  Notice the scan shown in the video, does it look familiar?  It is the same computer scan that Dr. Laurie uses in the office.


--This is a short youtube video made by a chiropractor in Norway.  It does a great job explaining the 'BIG IDEA' of Chiropractic!


--Is chiropractic just for pain?  Check out this video to find out!