Q: What should I wear?

A:  Anything you are comfortable wearing. In our office, we do have patients gown from the waist up, in order to allow Dr. Laurie to run a scan of your back at every visit.  Since you will have to put a gown on from the waist up, most people choose to wear pants or shorts as compared to a dress.  If you do happen to wear a dress to the office one day, don't worry, we have shorts that you can slip on.

Q: Does it hurt?

A: Typically not; depending on your condition sometimes it may be uncomfortable for a moment during the adjustment.  Usually the adjustment does not hurt but it simply startles people.

Q: I'm 60+ and have never been to a Chiropractor, is it too late to start?

A: It is NEVER too late, ideally we want to have our spine and nerve system checked since birth but it's never too late to get started.

Q: I've had surgery on my spine, can you adjust me?

A: If you need an adjustment yes. With the proper analysis and a full examination along with X-rays we can work around your surgery and get you feeling better without putting a strain on the spot where you have had surgery.

Q: I'm Pregnant, can I get Adjusted?

A: Yes.  Dr. Laurie has ways of changing her technique and the table settings allowing you to lay face down and safely be adjusted.  Getting checked during pregnancy is a great idea not only to make sure you continue to do well but to also make sure the pelvis is optimally aligned to make as much room as possible for the baby during the birth process.

Q: Can babies get adjusted?

A: Yes. Often times the birth process is traumatic for both the parents and the new baby. Having newborns checked in order to make sure their nervous system is functioning at 100% is a great way for them to start life.  Dr. Laurie has worked on newborns as young as 6 hours old.

Q: Does it hurt for a baby to get adjusted?

A: No. Adjusting babies does not lead to any pain for them.  Dr. Laurie uses about the same amount of pressure that you would be able to tolerate on your eyeball.

More questions? Call dr. laurie at 563-382-1099.