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Read what our patients are saying:

Steve says, "She makes me and my family like we are very important and she goes over and beyond to make sure we're healthy at any given time we need more people like her she's AWESOME"

Kindra says, "I would strongly recommend Dr. Laurie for any chiropractic needs. Her love, passion and knowledge of what she does shows every time I see her. There have been several times that she has gone above and beyond for my family and me. She's definitely the best of the best!!!"

Breanna says, "I had just become a new mom and at 2 weeks old my baby developed colic. He was very gassy and throwing up all the time. He would scream every night from 6pm-9pm, and nothing my husband and I did could calm him down. I tried multiple things from gripe water, gas drops, position changes, baths, bouncing, etc. I put up with it until he was about 6 weeks old until I was finally exhausted. I decided to try the chiropractor. After just two adjustments from Laurie, he was like a new baby! He no longer screamed at night. In fact, he was happy and smiling. My husband and I were able to enjoy our nights at home together as a family! Laurie is very thorough in her work and takes the time to listen to all of your questions and concerns. She was great to talk me through exactly everything that she was doing. I would highly recommend Laurie to anyone - especially moms with fussy babies who just want to enjoy their new little ones!"

Lauren says, "Dr. Laurie is the first chiropractor I've seen.  I have had headaches since middle school and drugs only help sometimes.  They aren't migraines, but they do limit how well I can think.  Today, I woke up with a headache and nothing I did took it away.  I called for a special appointment, she fit me in, and the moment I got off the table, the headache was gone.  It was amazing."

Freda says, "Dr. Laurie is so skilled at what she does-very through and competent.  I would definitely recommend her."

Kate, 29 says, "Laurie is a smart, sensitive and gifted healer.  Her business creates kinds in community for self and others, and helps people reflect on how they can better care for themselves.  The space is also wonderful!  Thanks for all you do to create healing, Laurie!"

Nicole says, "Dr. Laurie has been a great patient listener to my 'situ' with my knee and back and helped relieve my pain-GENTLY"

Linda says, "Chiropractic has been a life saver!  I have my knees adjusted regularly-as opposed to have knee replacement surgery!"

Sally, 62 says that she started coming to Nordic Chiropractic on September 30, 2014 for, "chronic right side and lower back pain-she (Dr. Laurie) new to the area-other chiropractic treatments NOT effective.  I was in need of a TENS unit to help with my pain control.  I can now say after a few treatments with Dr. Laurie I haven't used it since!  Dr Laurie's treatment approach is gentle yet effective.  I'm so thankful I tried her practice-I'm feeling so much better and will continue to use her for my overall wellness."

Audrey, 36 says that she started coming to Nordic Chiropractic 10/18/14 for a "Sore neck and upper and lower back.  My neck is feeling so much better.  On the 22nd I had my lower back adjusted and it is feeling better.  I was not as sore as I usually am after being adjusted.  I like that Dr. Meinholz is taking a slower approach to adjusting my back."

Alice says, "My adjustment was the best I've had in a long time and I'm not just saying that.  My upper T's (between the shoulder blades) hardly ever move and my lumbars (low back) usually are hit and miss so bravo!!!  I moved like butter!!!!!  Your office is wonderful.  You are such a great person, friend, talented Chiropractor with tons of passion for what you do."

Charlie, 65 says, "My left elbow hurt so I went to a medical doctor and they determined I had tennis elbow.  To fix that I had to wear a brace to stop the pain, well after 3 months it did not work so I went to Dr. Laurie and she adjusted my elbow.  After 3 or 4 adjustments the pain has completely left my elbow so I no longer have any pain at all.  Thank you Dr. Laurie for your detailed attention."

Jaci, 34, says that she started coming to Nordic Chiropractic "for a stiff and sore neck was my main reason.  I also had lower right back pain for 8 years.  Dr. Laurie was able to help me after my first visit with both my neck and my lower back.  I was very impressed since I had tried three different chiropractors over the past 8 years with little help.  I went in just wanting to be able to turn my neck and did not believe she could help my lower back.  I could tell within minutes of leaving her office that I felt better!  Laurie is very professional, knowledgeable and cares about her work and patients.  Thanks to Dr. Laurie I no longer have constant pain.  It is easier to sit at my desk for work, drive, walk, sleep and be more active.  I have not had a headaches since the first adjustment and no sinus/allergy issues since.  I have more energy and feel young again!  I also have a better attitude and believe chiropractic is necessary for overall health.  I'm glad I made the decision to give chiropractic another try.  Dr. Laurie's results are truly amazing!"

We asked Jeanne why did you start coming to Nordic Chiropractic? She responded with, "For a different technique and to see if relief could be found." We then asked her how she has been helped so far, "Less headaches and less numbness in my arms."

Kyle says, "Dr. Laurie is extremely knowledgable!  If you want to raise a healthy family from day 1 this is where you need to be!"

Ryan says, "Dr. Laurie does an amazing job at explaining how the body really heals and functions!  I would highly recommend Dr. Laurie to anyone looking to take control of their health!"