Gonstead Chiropractic Care-Dr. Laurie utilizes the Gonstead Method of Adjusting and Analysis.  This technique allows Dr. Laurie to provide as few chiropractic adjustments as possible, in the least amount of visits, in order to get you back on your feet as quick as possible.  Many of our patients first come into our office as an emergency visit in acute pain.  After getting you out of acute pain, we will work with you to provide preventative care tailored to you.  The amount of visits for your preventative care all depends on your lifestyle and the stressors in your life during that time of year.

Unlike many other Chiropractic offices, we only provide Chiropractic Care.  We leave things like nutrition, personal training, massage, and stress and weight management, etc., to those who have extensive training in those areas.  We focus our work on your spine and nerve system to provide you the very best care possible.

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